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What is IELTS ?

Many citizens in India are willing to travel to other nations, whether for educational or professional reasons. Everyone needs instruction in order to gain a clear understanding of the English as a foreign language test. This IELTS exam is required for people seeking higher education at foreign universities or professionals migrating for international projects or permanent residency (PR).
The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is a standardised test of English proficiency for non-native English speakers who do not speak English as a first language. It’s a mandatory test for people who want to enrol or relocate for professional reasons at foreign institutions.
A joint association of the British council, the International Development Program (IDP): IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English regulates this English language exam. The IELTS training test is available in two formats: IELTS Academy and IELTS General Training.


IELTS Academic is a test that students take if they choose to study in an English-speaking country (undergraduate or postgraduate). The band score required to study abroad varies depending on the course, university, or institution’s requirements. For postgraduate courses, the band score is higher.


IELTS General Training is designed for people who choose to relocate to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. Permanent residency (PR) or international project professionals are two options for immigration. The band score can vary depending on the nature of the work.

Best IELTS Online Classes in India

The IELTS exam can be a turning point in many people’s careers.
This English language exam does not require you to have an English degree. Many institutes provide IELTS tutoring to students who have a high band score and want to join international organisations.
Individuals who are looking for IELTS training, on the other hand, are normally either studying or working. Many people are unable to attend daily classes due to a lack of time or because they live in an area far from any coaching facility.
If you are unable to enrol in any IELTS training course coaching centre, do not be concerned. Our coaching institute provides the best IELTS Coaching in India through online courses for the convenience of working professionals and students. All working people may benefit from IELTS online training.

Why choose IELTS Online Coaching by VISAMATES?

  • Free IELTS Mock test to assess the level of proficiency before beginning the IELTS coaching classes online.
  • British Council IELTS and IDP IELTS Authorized, IELTS Tutor Online.
  • The best online course on training for IELTS.
  • Recent IELTS study material and IELTS practice material on IELTS curriculum updated.
  • Online Flexible course for IELTS training. Choose timings-morning / evening and IELTS training weekend sessions.
  • Special batches for IELTS online coaching for General PR module and IELTS Academic for Abroad Study preparation.
  • The best IELTS online coaching classes with IELTS Band 8, IELTS Band 7 and IELTS CLB 9 scores consistent.
  • Weekly IELTS Mock tests to keep performance track.
  • Personal attention by certified IELTS Trainers to prepare for IELTS.

Benefits of attending IELTS Online Coaching in India by VISAMATES

Best IELTS Tutor Online:

It is important to hire highly trained and experienced mentors who can be trusted to tutor IELTS students. We have IELTS examiners and English teachers who have spent decades teaching English. You can choose from British Council and IDP-approved IELTS teacher training.

Time-Saving with IELTS Preparation Course Online:

You don’t have to waste a single second of your time right now. We cater to the needs and convenience of working professionals and students. By reducing long-distance traffic and getting stuck in heavy traffic, VISAMATES online coaching will help you save time and efficiently devote it to IELTS preparation.

Personalized Online Coaching:

We put a lot of effort into making learning a priority for our students. Individual coaching, in which an IELTS teacher provides one-on-one attention to the student, is an option if you don’t feel comfortable in classroom sessions with a large number of students. Our expert English tutors will help you improve your lessons and learn advanced techniques.

Best Study Material:

We stay up to date with any updates to the IELTS Exam course and pattern. To improve their IELTS performance, we provide all of our students with well-researched and appropriate study materials. The latest IELTS practise material is now available in our online IELTS course, and it is based on the most recent IELTS curriculum.

Affordable IELTS Online Coaching fees:

Apart from saving time, participating in our online IELTS training sessions will also help you save money on your commute. Enroll in our low-cost budgeted online sessions that are truly beneficial to you, as we track the success of both students and working professionals.

Avoid Distractions:

Since you have all of the course materials in front of you, online sessions can be fruitful. Anything you require is shown on your computer screen. You can share your computer with the teacher and your mates at any time, or you can schedule your own sessions. Listen to audio samples and record yourself for review.

Online Assessments:

Visamates offers online IELTS mock tests and practise sessions that involve realistic exercises in LISTENING and SPEAKING to help students become more accustomed to the exam environment. Our students have access to a variety of grammar sessions and preparation materials to help them develop their English language skills.