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What is IELTS ?

In India, there are many people who are eager to go to foreign countries, whether for educational purposes or work-related motives. To get a good gist about the English as a foreign language test, everyone needs guidance. People searching for higher education in foreign universities or professionals migrating for international projects or permanent residency (PR) must take this IELTS exam.
The IELTS or The International English Language Testing System is a standardized test of English proficiency for non-native English speakers who do. It is a required test to assess the communication skills of individuals wishing to enroll or relocate for professional purposes at international institutions.
This test of English language is regulated by a joint association of British council, International Development Program (IDP): IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English. All of the  There are two formats of IELTS training test- IELTS Academy and IELTS General Training.


IELTS Academic is a test who is taken by students who are aspiring to pursue education (undergraduate or postgraduate) in an English speaking country. The band score needed to study abroad may vary according to the requirements of the particular course, university or institution. The band score is higher for postgraduate courses.


IELTS General Training is intended for people who want to move to foreign countries, such as Canada , Australia , New Zealand and the UK. Immigration may be for permanent residency (PR) or for foreign project professionals. Depending on the nature of the work the band score can vary.

Best IELTS Online Classes in India

The IELTS test can play a role as a landmark in many people’s careers.
You don’t actually need an English degree to give this English language exam. Many institutes offer IELTS tutoring to students having a high band score to enroll successfully in international organisations.
However, people who are searching for IELTS training are usually individuals who are either either studying or working. There are many people who have little time to attend regular classes or live in an environment that is far away from any coaching institution.
No need to worry if you are unable to join any IELTS training course coaching center. For the convenience of the working professionals and students, our coaching institute offers the best IELTS Coaching in India taking online courses. IELTS Online coaching can be of great value to all employed people.

Why choose IELTS Online Coaching by VISAMATES?

  • Free IELTS Mock test to assess the level of proficiency before beginning the IELTS coaching classes online.
  • British Council IELTS and IDP IELTS Authorized, IELTS Tutor Online.
  • The best online course on training for IELTS.
  • Recent IELTS study material and IELTS practice material on IELTS curriculum updated.
  • Online Flexible course for IELTS training. Choose timings-morning / evening and IELTS training weekend sessions.
  • Special batches for IELTS online coaching for General PR module and IELTS Academic for Abroad Study preparation.
  • The best IELTS online coaching classes with IELTS Band 8, IELTS Band 7 and IELTS CLB 9 scores consistent.
  • Weekly IELTS Mock tests to keep performance track.
  • Personal attention by certified IELTS Trainers to prepare for IELTS.

Benefits of attending IELTS Online Coaching in India by VISAMATES

Best IELTS Tutor Online:

Getting highly qualified and knowledgeable mentors is important, so that they can be trusted in tutoring IELTS. We have IELTS examiners and English teachers who taught English for decades. You can select IELTS teacher training approved by the British Council and IDP.

Time-Saving with IELTS Preparation Course Online:

You don’t even need to waste a single minute of yours now. We take care of the working professionals and students needs and comfort. Choose VISAMATES online coaching by saving your valuable time and effectively devote it to IELTS training by reducing long-distance traffic and getting stuck in heavy traffic.

Personalized Online Coaching:

Specific focus is paid to making the learning a priority for our students. If you’re not comfortable in classroom sessions where many students are present, you can prefer individual coaching in which an IELTS instructor gives one on one attention to the student. Our professional English tutors can optimize your lessons and get advanced tips and techniques.

Best Study Material:

We keep track of any changes happening in the IELTS Exam course and pattern. We provide all our students with well-researched and relevant study material to boost their IELTS Performance. The new IELTS practise material on the recent IELTS curriculum, as well as being updated in our online IELTS course.

Affordable IELTS Online Coaching fees:

However apart from saving your precious time, after joining our online IELTS training sessions, you can also reduce your commute costs. Enroll in our cost-effective budgeted online sessions that are genuinely helpful to you while we take care of both students and working professionals’ progress.

Avoid Distractions:

Online sessions can be successful, as all the material for the course is present before you. All that you need is on your screen. You always have a choice, or have your own sessions, to share your screen with the tutor and your friends. Hear audio samples, and record your own voice for evaluation.

Online Assessments:

Visamates provides online IELTS mock tests and IELTS practice sessions which include practical activities in LISTENING AND SPEAKING making them more habitual of the examination environment. All sorts of material of grammar sessions and preparations are available for our students to improve their language skills in the English language.