Manitoba Immigration (MPNP) 2020

What is the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)?

The province of Canada, Manitoba, provides employment for skilled workers and young professionals in various companies, hospitals, and colleges funded by government and industry. Manitoba is renowned for natural resources, manufacturing units and opportunities for thriving tourism sectors.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has been designed and curated to meet demands of employers, industries and markets as well as benefit employees and human resource.Since Manitoba is known for ample natural resources, the province meets the labor and industrial requirements of MPNP for the production of furnished goods and materials that stimulate economic growth.The Manitoba Immigration Program or MPNP is modelled on the Express Entry system and therefore assigns the Manitoba point score to the applicants. Learn more about Manitoba PNP qualifications, MPNP criteria, among other information.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) invites skilled workers, young entrepreneurs and international skilled workers to work and stay in the province as well as to contribute to the provincial economy. The MPNP has one of the most simple immigration platforms for applicants to navigate.

Since its inception in 1998, it has been estimated that nearly 1.5 – 3 lakh immigrants have travelled to Manitoba through MPNP. The provincial authorities are committed to the relaxation of immigration laws and policies in such a way that they can attract and retain the best talent.Manitoba’s PNP will certainly offer more opportunities to Canada’s immigration seekers and help them make a fulfilling career in Canada.

The MPNP witnessed some crucial changes in 2018 and 2019, including the introduction of new migration streams and pathways. For the first time, Express Entry candidates willing to work and stay in Canada on a permanent basis were introduced.Provision of quicker paths to select foreign students graduated from Manitoba universities and a new track for business immigrants has been introduced to MPNP.

It is interesting to note that, by gaining the PNP nomination, immigration applicants can be at an advantageous position in the Express Entry application pool. This increases the chances for applicants to receive a permanent residence visa.

The MPNP allows candidates for Manitoba immigration in order to fulfil labour, economic and general needs of the province. The MPNP streams are –

  • Skilled Worker Stream
  • International Education Stream
  • Business Investor Stream

Skilled Worker Stream

This stream relies heavily on the demands of employers in Manitoba. Through this source, the authorities recognize experienced and trained skilled workers in a variety of fields and industries.

If applicants meet the MPNP eligibility requirements, they will be eligible for a Canada PR visa. It’s got two categories –

Skilled Workers in Manitoba – This stream makes it possible for candidates to find jobs in Manitoba. Applicants must apply an Expression of Interest as a first step. Applicants with the highest CRS points and a path to Manitoba are invited to apply for MPNP.Following the examination of applications, qualified applicants are directed to make a separate application to secure Canada’s Permanent Resident (PR).

Skilled Workers Overseas –This stream nominates applicants who are connected to Manitoba by family or friends living in the province, prior education or job opportunities, and through an Invitation to Apply obtained from provincial authorities.Applicants shall be allocated CRS points upon submission of Expression of Interest. The highest point recipients, who also comply with the specifications of MPNP, are directed to make a separate request to secure PR.

International Education Stream

This stream enables graduate or graduate students from Manitoba universities to have a fast nomination process. It’s got three categories –

  • Career Employment Pathway
  • Graduate Internship Pathway
  • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

Please note that international students who have graduated from universities in other Canadian provinces are not eligible under this system. Such candidates can apply in the Manitoba Skilled Worker stream.

Business Investor Stream

This stream welcomes nominated foreign entrepreneurs, investors and willing to operate in Manitoba and possess the ability to start or take over a business entity in Manitoba within one year of arriving in Canada on a temporary work permit.Please note that, through this stream, MPNP does not ask applicants to deposit $100,000 to the Government of Manitoba. It’s got two categories –

  • Entrepreneur Pathway for applicants seeking to start business in Manitoba
  • Farm Investor Pathway for applicants intended to initiate and run farm operations in rural areas in Manitoba.

Manitoba PNP Eligibility

Invitations are made only to those candidates who comply with the eligibility standards. In order to receive a provincial appointment, the applicant should comply with the eligibility requirements of both the provincial and central government. The requirements for eligibility are as follows:

  • The Expression of Interest (EOI) minimum score of 60 points out of 100
  • The skills should be in one of the occupations in in-demand list
  • The least required education as per the job profile
  • The minimum required language score in English or French
  • Show a settlement plan and desire to live in Manitoba
  • A letter from the employer in Manitoba for a permanent job or a connection in Manitoba of a family or friend
  • The candidate should be 18 years of age at the time of application submission

How long does it take to get through Manitoba PNP?

Experts believe that the numerous different occupations on the in-demand list are limited to specific eligible MPNP sources. In addition to meeting other MPNP requirements, applicants employed in on-demand occupation will be given priority during Expression of Interest.

In some cases, applicants are eligible for one of the pathways even though they do not have the experience required in one of the occupations listed. The documentation and visa application process under MPNP is considered faster and transparent.