Interesting Facts about Ukraine 2021

Ukraine is a lovely European country. It was a part of the Soviet Union until 1991 when the Soviet Union disbanded. Ukraine became an independent country after that. However, in recent years, this country has piqued the interest of Russia, Europe, the United States, and even China.

Russia is attempting to reclaim Ukraine as part of its territory. During this time, the situation has only intensified, resulting in some ugly clashes between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine, on the other hand, is a lovely country. We’ll look at some fascinating facts about Ukraine in this article.

1. Vyshyvanka is Ukraine’s national costume

Ukraine’s National Costume is known as Vishyvanka. This one stands out because of the stitching work, which includes Ukrainian embroidery. Vishyvanka is a basic white linen blouse embellished with hand-sewn floral or ornamental embroidery. The costume’s unique feature is that it may be worn by both men and women.

2. The highest mountain in Ukraine is Mount Hoverla

Mount Hoverla is Ukraine’s highest mountain, standing at 2061 meters. The Carpathian Mountains include Mount Hoverla. Mount Hoverla has been a popular tourist destination since the late 1800s. Mountain has grown in popularity as an extreme sports destination over time.

3. Ukraine is Europe’s cheapest travel destination

Ukraine is the cheapest country in Europe, with everything available at rock-bottom pricing. All kinds of transportation, including buses and railways, are reasonably priced. When compared to other parts of Europe, even the food is affordable.

4. Ukraine is among the most educated nation in the world

In terms of the most educated population, Ukraine ranks fourth in the world. 99.4% of Ukrainians over the age of 15 can read and write. Adult Ukrainians have secondary or higher education in 70% of cases. Even Ukraine’s current heavyweight champions, Vitali and Wladimir, have doctorates.

5. McDonalds in Kiev is among the most visited McDonald’s restaurant in the world

The McDonald’s in Kyiv’s Vokzalna Square is claimed to be the world’s third most visited McDonald’s. The restaurant is located just near to the train station. This restaurant will be quite busy. This is due to the fact that McDonald’s in Kyiv is now the greatest fast food alternative available.

6. Arsenalna is the world’s deepest metro station

Arsenalna, on the Kyiv city metro line (Sviatoshynsko – Brovarska Line), is now the world’s deepest metro station. It has a depth of 105.5 meters. Escalators take you all the way down to the train station. Arsenalna had to be 105.5 metres deep because it had to pass through the Dnieper River, which rises above and surrounds Kyiv. To get to the 105.5 m deep down the station, you’ll have to ride the escalator for five minutes.

7. Russian or Ukrainian both language works here

It is clear that people in Ukraine are fluent in both Russian and Ukrainian. However, if you truly want to blend in, Ukrainian, which is also the national language, would be preferable. And, unfortunately for you, English is not frequently spoken here.

8. Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe

If you exclude Russia, which is located in both Asia and Europe, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe by area. Ukraine has a total size of 603.55 square kilometers. While Ukraine is the largest country in Europe by territory, it is not the most populous. It has a population of roughly 46 million people, which is less than Germany and France.

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