Canada Express Entry Program 2020

What is Canada Express Entry Program?

The Canada Express Entry Program is an immigration point-based program for professionals who are looking to settle in Canada. It awards points to professionals based on qualifications, experience , job status in Canada and provincial / territorial nominations.

IRCC’s key concern was the extension and improvement of the Canadian Immigration Program in accordance with labor market requirements and, specifically for this reason, the Express Entry Program was implemented in 2015 to help streamline applicants.

New Improvements implemented by IRCC in 2019 are primarily related to the increase of the CRS scores in points such as candidates who have a sibling in Canada or who live as a citizen or permanent resident have extra scores, as well as additional points will be awarded to candidates with proven French language skills.

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Canada Express Entry-How It Works?

The Express Entry program has simplified immigration and made the process more accessible for professionals. Key details of the program are:

  • This is an online platform which has no candidate limit on applicants and is open throughout the year
  • The program applies only to Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Traders Program, and Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program
  • You must file an Expression of Interest and apply as an applicant under any type of job mentioned in Skill Types 0, A and B
  • Your profile will be evaluated based up on points and will be placed in the applicant pool
  • Canadian provinces and employers will access this pool and will find the talent they need
  • An Invitation to Apply for PR is sent to the highest points holders
  • The number of ITAs released depends on the Annual Immigration Level

The Canada Express Entry Program relies on a point-based system to evaluate candidates. This system’s main purpose is to identify applicants who have the best chance of succeeding after moving to Canada. The scale of points has a maximum score of 1200, and assesses you and your partner (if any) on your:

  • Age
  • The highest level of education
  • Online registration CAD: 300 non-refundable (4 weeks)
  • Language skills
  • Canadian work experience
  • Other work experience
  • Skill transferability
  • Other factors

Step 1: Find out your NOC (National Occupation Classification) Code. Know your NOC code so that you will be able to check whether your experience makes you eligible for express entry in Canada. Your work experience must fall under any one of skill type – 0, A, B, C or D and verify it for the program.

Step 2: Get your ECA done. This ECA certificate used to assess the foreign education that is pursued by the candidate to prove that is equivalent to the Canadian educational system.

Step 3: Take a test of your language. Language competence is one of the required criteria that qualify for the Express Entry Programme. The profile is also received express entry points based on the results of the language tests. IELTS-to prove English language skills.

Step 4: Check your eligibility for the Express entry program. Check if you can meet the minimum criteria if allows you to apply for Canada PR Visa via an Express Entry Program

Step 5: Calculate your CRS score. To understand how to evaluate your CRS score for Canada PR Visa, you must know the fundamentals of the CRS calculator. Points are awarded based on candidate’s factors like age, language proficiency, work experience, highest qualification etc.

Step 6: Getting into the Express entry pool. Once you have checked your eligibility and have taken IELTS as well as the ECA certificate, the next step for you will be to create an express profile and get into the express pool.

Stage 7: Receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) . When you are able to clear the CRS cut-off, then the applicant will receive an ITA via express draws that allows you to apply your application to IRCC within 60 days of obtaining the ITA with a proper set of documents for Canada PR Visa.

Step 8: After you have submitted your application, you will receive an AOR (Acknowledgement of Receipt) that indicates that the application is being processed. It may take around 6 to 8 months to verify all the documents and background checks performed by IRCC.

Stage 9: Get your CoPR (Permanent Resident Confirmation); You will be issued the CoPR on the successful evaluation of the application which confirms you have become a permanent resident of Canada.


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